Årshultsmyren – a piece of unspoilt marshland

In the south-western part of Småland (nowadays the province of Kronobergslän) there are a total of 33 nature reserves where you can walk and enjoy nature. Today we take a look at a piece of unspoiled marshland, the Årshultsmyren, with easy and beautiful walking routes of 4 to 9 km.

Årshultsmyren is the largest unspoiled swamp area in Kronobergslän. The reserve consists of various mosses and marshes with wooded islands and lakes.

The 1,500 hectare reserve protects and preserves an extensive and largely untouched swamp complex together with the animals and plants that are located there. Just west of Årshultsmyren lies Hunnsberget – from where you have a wide view over the landscape of the nature reserve with its marshes and forests.

Hunnsberget is the highest mountain in the municipality of Ljungby. Here the legend of the shoemaker in Sutarestugan takes place: “once a shoemaker, called the Sutaren, fled the Danish soldiers. He hid in a small cave on the steepest side of the mountain. Every Danish soldier who climbed upwards knocked down.“

The swamp area is typical of the rainy areas in southwestern Småland. The swamp plains consist of pits surrounded by drier areas with grass pollen. And the water forms marsh carpets moving here and there.

The white mosses are typical of the marshes. Other common plants include heather, bell heather, wool grass, deer grass, the white beak, and insect-eating round sundew. The clock gentian is growing around Örsjön in the North and Kyrkängen in the South. For the most part, conifers grow on the islands. Various species of birds also nest in this swamp area, such as the curlew, wood sandpiper, golden plover, capercaillie, black grouse and cranes.

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