Arrangement “Banvallsleden”

When we moved into our yellow house almost 4 years ago to start a B&B in it, we did not yet know that Lidhult is located on a well-known cycling route. Because of the many cyclists who booked a room or came by spontaneously, we soon found out.

The “Banvallsleden” is a 250 km cycle ride from Halmstad to Karlshamn, across southern Sweden, from coast to coast. “Banvall” is the Swedish word for railway embankment. The route therefore follows for about 70% this railway embankment of 2 narrow tracks, opened at the end of 1800 and closed in 1970. This tour, unique in Sweden, takes you along a piece of Swedish railway history. But also because of the Småland nature of hedges, open fields and deep dark forests. In addition, you will encounter numerous sights such as old stations, bridges, etc. Along the way, the Banvallsleden crosses several other, shorter routes. The route is partly asphalted and partly over grus, a kind of crushed stone.

In Lidhult we live on the Stationsgatan next to the old “Stationshuset”, which is currently being lovingly restored to its former glory and then used as a village hall.

Time, we thought, to offer the ”Banvallsleden” package. And especially for guests who cycle the Banvallsleden.

The arrangement looks like this:

  • An overnight stay including breakfast in our Dalarna room;
  • The “Banvallspasta”, dinner consisting of a vegetarian pasta, salad, dessert and juice or a glass of wine or beer;
  • A lunch for the road consisting of a sandwich, wrap, fruit and something sweet.

In season, the salad comes from the garden, as well as the fruit for dessert.

Costs: 800 kr for 1 guest on the bike and 1,100 kr for 2 guests on the bike.

For reservations or to see if there is any place, please contact us. You can do this by calling +46 73-630 25 28, or by sending a message to

A warm welcome in our B&B Mooi Gula Huset!!!!