Sagomuseet Ljungby: in the heart of the Land of Legends

Stories have always been there, they were told when everyone was done working and one gathered around the fire. The first stories date back to the year count and by continuing to tell them we know that.

Around 1800 it was still very common that people told each other stories around the fire, after work, but a century later this was almost completely gone, supplanted by the written word and later, when the technique progressed through radio, film and TV.

Around the ’80s, it seemed that the most original form of culture, that of the spoken word, was disappearing. But suddenly stories were told again, at festivals, in storytelling cafes ect, all over the Western world.

In Småland, near Ljungby, many sagas and legends lived among the people and there were many well-known and even famous storytellers. Many stories had been documented since 1800, as a result was that the Sagomuseet was opened here in 1990. The museum is the heart of a large area in which all kinds of sagas originate, often in the midst of beautiful nature and in special places.

It is a beautifully decorated small museum. You will find familiar and unknown sagas from the surroundingarea, beautifully shaped by textile artist Mia Einarsdotter and painter and sculptor Kjell Sundberg. There is a lot of attention to details and you can pull strings, open it. Suddenly there’s a song or a dog barking. And if you’re going through the rooms for another round, new details will stand out. And visit worth it for small and small especially if you love stories! Every year just before midsummer they organize a large storytellers festival with participants from all over the world.

Since November 2018, the museum has been on UNESCO’s list for in-material heritage.