What does “hult” mean

Almost 2 years ago we visited the yellow house in Lidhult for the first time.

After our first visit we drove around the area and discovered that there were a lot of “hulten”.

The yellow house, became Mooi Gula Huset when we bought it and it seemed like a nice idea to find out where all those “hulten” had their origins. A question on the Sweden forum has been posted quickly and the answers come even faster. The Institutet för språk och folk minnen also offered a solution.

Hult comes from the German word “Holz” and means wood or forest, that distinction is not made. The prefix for “hult” can be the name of e.g. vegetation, animals or even a person.

The most famous “hult” is Älmhult or better known as the IKEA village, Fagerhult is also a well-known one and means “Beautiful hult”. There are a lot of hulten, in southern Sweden, Skåne, Småland, Halland and Östergötland.

There was another message that told us that it could also be an open spot in the forest, that we have nearby, and a nice lake.

In vogelvlucht van NL naar Lidhult