Välkomna, welcome

Do you cycle the Banvallsleden or Unnen runt?
Are you traveling through the south of Sweden?
Or are you on your way up north?

You are always welcome in our B&B Mooi Gula Huset!

The B&B is located in Lidhult, the beautiful, quiet area of the southwest of Småland, with plenty of scenery, forests and lakes in the immediate vicinity. And is conveniently located between the beautiful coast city Halmstad (along the E4) and the center of the land of legends Ljungby (along the E6).

Each room of our B&B has its own Swedish theme and is decorated with authentic furniture from our shop Mooi Inredning. At Mooi Gula Huset you can stay in Skåne, Bohuslän or Dalarna atmospheres. In the morning we serve breakfast prepared with local, organic and homemade products. And if you want to join us at the kitchen table in the evening, you can eat with us.

Welcome, välkommen, Liesbeth och Joost

Breakfast at Mooi Gula Huset


We are always busy preparing and serving a fine breakfast but never actually take the time to capture this. It’s nice that our guests do and we can now also show our breakfast:
– home made muesli of roasted nuts and oatmeal
– homemade sesame seed and moonseed rolls (or lant bröd)
– home made jam (this time raspberries and strawberries)
– cheese and ham from companies from the surroundings
– and of course coffee, tea, juices and fruits
All served on our hand-painted tableware.

Njut av din måltid!!!!

Meanwhile, the well at the house has also been restored. The wood had perished in such a way that very little could be reused. But the well belongs to the house and we have rebuilt it. Now the water level here is still low, but soon it will be full of water again!!!!

Minivärlden Ljungby


On Monday, for the first time in weeks, we had time to be “tourists”. And since we had heard from a neighbour that our house can already be seen in “Minivärlden“, we wanted to see this ourselves.

In this small museum they build old railway routes and we live at the Stationsgatan so…… The whole is based on the collection of a doctor from Ljungby who left it to the Kommun, municipality, upon his death. This doctor built in the basement of his house miles of railway lines, equipped with everything that is around those railway. In order to preserve it a museum was built around it.

It was very nice to see our house in mini format with all it’s details. Coincidentally, whoever built it and who also kept us informed of the whole process, walked around and with him we had a nice conversation.

It’s special to see with how much love and passion the railways are built, everything drives and here and there you can press a button and a cow is starting to eat, a little man is chopping wood or a boat floats over the lake. The railway lines have all been closed down, but now restored in honour in this small museum.

It was also funny to see the old furniture from Lidhult’s station building complete with a ticket seller who does his story in 3 languages.

The station chief in Lidhult

Our house is already there, together with the station building and the former hotel on the corner of our street, the rest still has to grow around it.

Outdoor cooking

Mooi Gula Huset Outdoor Cooking

Special guests in our B&B, delicious summer weather and therefore time to cook and eat outside. For this occasion we chose a classic Swedish dish with tender pieces of meat, baked potatoes, caramelised onions and a creamy mustard sauce: Biff Rydberg. This recipe was first made in Stockholm in the 19th century Hotel Rydberg (now closed). This is really a dish that is eaten in Sweden later in the evening, for example at weddings, with pickled cucumbers and raw egg yolks. But certainly also very tasteful on a summer evening. We definitely keep it in!!!!

Beautiful Gula Huset Outdoor Cooking Biff Rydberg

The town of Lidhult has no restaurants. That’s why we offer our guests a meal. Sometimes something simple and nutritious, sometimes slightly more extensive, but so far always with great appreciation.


At the kitchen table with Catarina Johansson, journalist of Smålänningen daily newspaper, talking about our dream Mooi Gula Huset and Mooi Inredning yielded a page-sized article about our steps in Sweden, Lidhult, and many warm reactions!!!!!

Article Beautiful in Narrowinningen
Article in Smålänningen daily newspaper about Mooi Gula Huset en Mooi Inredning