A Bed & Breakfast, shop and workshop in Lidhult, southern Sweden.

Sweden, the country and life, but also the authentic Swedish furniture have been our passion for years. In 2017 we found a nice house there, the yellow house, and we took the first step.

de zonnige tuin bij Mooi gula huset
sunny garden - sunny house

We also love artisan-made items. When the opportunity arose at the beginning of 2018 to keep us busy with that, we did not hesitate much and took over "Mooi inredning". The next step has been taken. In the spring of 2019 we will open our store and workshop in one of the big red barns at our house.

mooie spulletjes van Mooi inredning
stuff from Mooi inredning

In addition to us live in the Gula Huset also 2 dogs and a cat. Tom the cat goes his own way. The dogs Moppie and Bo (Frisian Wetterhouns) love people and children very much. But if you do not like dogs, please let us know. Then we will keep them away from you. No problem.

We would like to share our hospitality with everyone who comes to visit beautiful Sweden. You can visit our Bed & Breakfast from March 2019 Nice gula huset.

Be welcome, välkomna,

Liesbeth and Joost

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